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I am a Regulated Immigration Consultant of Canada, and I am a Licensee of the Law Society Upper Canada current Law Society of Ontario and a Notary Public. Many years ago I realized I have to focus in only one particular area of the law, and this is immigration law. I decided that what I wanted to do the most is to help other people to achieve their goals through the same system as I did. I am myself a refugee, so I learned from the inside; Canada gives you the opportunity to be reborn.

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+ 1416-454-0699
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Office Hours

Monday to Friday

11:00am - 6:00pm  (EST)

Mantener la calidad con un trato humano, honesto y confiable.

Nos especializamos en áreas de la ley y tribunales, tales como Inmigración y todas sus ramas; Solicitudes de Residencia Temporal y Permanente, Patrocinio de Familiares, Refugio y apelaciones, PRRA, entre otros servicios.

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