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Alfonso Mejía-Arias

“Many people come to me and tell me that they have been referred by satisfied clients.  I have been told “you are awesome, I was told you are the best” my answer to them is “No, I am not awesome, I am not the best either, but I can guarantee to you that I will do my best for you, I will advocate your cause; If we live on referrals, it is because we must be doing a good job”, I would say”.


Milagros Feliz


“Me apasiona el trabajo que hago; me hace sentir agradecida y orgullosa de ser parte de una empresa comprometida al 100% con nuestros clientes. Es de gran satisfacción saber que cada día un gran número de personas han podido avanzar en la delicada tarea de establecerse legalmente en Canadá, y resolver su vida y la de su familia de la mano de AMA IMMIGRATION & LEGAL SERVICES, gracias por confiar en nosotros”.



Karen Gravert

“Conocí AMA IMMIGRATION & LEGAL SERVICES como cliente, después de un tiempo recibí una llamada con oferta de trabajo incluida, por qué no. Me gusta trabajar en AMA Legal porque sé que damos nuestro máximo, me genera satisfacción trabajar en un lugar donde es importante el cliente, aún más en temas migratorios. Creo que lo más importante en el trabajo es tener un buen equipo, un ambiente laboral en donde tengas la oportunidad de crecer profesional y personalmente, algo que ha superado mis expectativas”.





Puente de puerta de oro


“I enjoy working in AMA IMMIGRATION & LEGAL SERVICES because you learn more than just the field; we are a community that is far diverse from the norm. I enjoy helping those who are new to Canada and making them feel like this is a new home for them. We dedicate ourselves to do the best at all times and to always work together. I am proud to know that we as a team strive to continuously help those who are in need and by doing so it pushes me to do better, feel better and strive for greatness not for myself but for our clients”.


Valentina Castillo

Project Manager


“I like to work. I like to work in AMA IMMIGRATION & LEGAL SERVICES. Sincerely, I like it. I like to be a part of the team dedicated to helping people. Team, that inspires me to believe in myself, to push a bit harder, to learn something new, to go out of my comfort zone, to stand for myself and to be proud of my work, to give back, to share, to create… And I like to fight for other people’s right for a better future shoulder to shoulder with an outstanding and charismatic leader. Sincerely, I like it”.



“As an immigrant, I can relate with the mission of AMA IMMIGRATION & LEGAL SERVICES when seeing people asking what our office has to offer, looking to improve their lives. It has been important for me to continue looking to improve my own life, but also assist those who are going through the same path as I did when I came to Canada”.

Katerina Baydakova
Donaciano Mejía Martinez

Account Manager

Case Manager

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